Breast cancer

Рак на гърдата и ролята на антиоксидантите

Breast cancer has a unique combination of genetic changes. Different cells in one tumor may have different genetic changes. They can be hereditary, caused by mutations or as a result of DNA damage. Genetic changes affect three major types of genes – proto-oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and DNA repair genes.

The most common breast cancer is adenocarcinoma. It forms in epithelial cells that produce fluid or mucus.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent in women and accounts for 26.5% of all malignancies. The disease is less common in men. The male to female ratio is about 1: 100. The incidence is high and is increasing by 1.8% annually. Age-specific breast cancer incidence increases with advancing age beyond 35 years and peaks at 65-69 years of age. . In the first (first or second) stage of the disease, 70.3% of patients were diagnosed. At 25.4%, it is in the third or fourth stage, while the others are unspecified. The incidence of breast cancer in Bulgaria is lower than the European average.

Possible symptoms of breast cancer:

Usually, with regular prophylactic examinations and monthly self-examination (treat your breasts every month: while taking a shower, looking in the mirror and lying down), breast cancer is detected at an early stage, which is the best guarantee of successful treatment.

The presence of the symptoms described below indicate a more advanced disease and immediate consultation with a specialist is mandatory.

  • Breast nipple swallowing;
  • Breast formation that feels like a hard lump when it is felt;
  • Appearance of ulcer in the area of ​​the grain;
  • Irritation or skin changes, such as wrinkling of the skin (similar to orange peel) in the breast area;
  • Bleeding or a secret that is bleeding and affects only one breast;
  • The entire breast can be thickened and flush with a feeling of particular gravity and is warmer to the touch.

Very often the presence of lumps or seals is not a prognosis for breast cancer, it can be a medical condition other than cancer. Finding them should not inspire fear and panic, but do not delay immediate consultation with a doctor.

The role of antioxidants in the treatment of breast cancer:

In most cases, breast cancer requires surgical treatment of the primary tumor in order to eliminate the cancer as completely as possible. Conventional treatment also includes chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy (radiotherapy).

During the treatment period, the body is blocked by a huge amount of toxins. The powerful intoxication of the body after chemotherapy leads to the total blocking of vital energy and the obscuration of the body with toxins and slag, and to the unimpeded settlement and reproduction of microparasites and fungus, which again create the preconditions for new tumor formations. . The accumulated toxins in the body block the normal functioning of the immune system, inhibit the organs and systems of natural detoxification.

In the presence of cancer, the body urgently needs a quality antioxidant. Antioxidants (anti-oxidant) have a beneficial and relaxing effect on the human body. Not only do they destroy free radicals, they also improve the physiology of the body, protecting it against viruses, bacteria, toxic substances and improving the immune system.

Vitaceptin is a powerful antioxidant, created to work in several directions and successfully deal with the radiation and chemotherapy-induced negatives of the body. It effectively stimulates the main function of the liver to detoxify the body, clearing it of the accumulated toxins due to radiation and chemotherapy.

The main function of Vitaceptin is the effective restoration of the immune system destroyed as a result of radiation and chemotherapy.

The anioxidant Vitaceptin® has shown clear results in the successful response to the course of cancer, and through various mechanisms is involved in the processes of prevention and enhancement of the antitumor activity of healthy cells in the affected organism.

Vitaceptin aids the body by restoring its normal protective functions and enabling it to continue its fight most effectively.