Is cancer prevention possible?

Рак на гърдата и ролята на антиоксидантите

A leading medical problem of our century is the growing incidence of oncological (tumor) diseases. One of the leading causes of death in people over 40 is malignancy. Statistics show that up to the age of 45, women are more likely than men to have cancer. After this age, the percentage of men with cancer is higher.

There is evidence that in cities with greater industrialization, cancer incidence is higher. This is due to the higher concentration of carcinogens in the environment, due to chemicals from various industries that contaminate food through the air, soil, and water.

Risk factors other than genetic predisposition that lead to a higher incidence of cancer are radiation, excessive exposure to sunlight, increased alcohol intake, and smoking. They are the main reasons for the formation of free radicals, which often leads to damage to normal cells in the body and cause their malignant transformation. Tumor cells divide uncontrollably by the body and at some stage, if left unchecked, can reach other organs and tissues (ie form so-called metastases). Malignant transformation can occur in any cell of the human body.

In advanced tumors, treatment is significantly less effective, while in cancer that has not yet metastasized, successful treatment is often 100%.

Intake of antioxidants contributes to the reduction of free radicals. They are suppliers of electrons and break the chain reaction caused by free radicals. They have been shown to have many benefits for the body and can heal affected molecules. Antioxidants stimulate the body’s immune function and fight various cancers. They stop the growth of tumor cells and cause them to self-destruct (the so-called aptosis process).

If the body has sufficient levels of antioxidants, it can protect itself from oxidative stress, which causes aging of tissues and organs.

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